Prerana Jakhotia

Kevin Olivier

Prerana Jakhotia is a business consultant in the areas of supply chain management, process improvement and analytical modelling. She has keen interest in applying mathematical optimization techniques and statistical analysis to solve complex business problems.

She has years of hands-on experience managing and optimizing business operations for different industries like wineries, automobiles, retail, consumer electronics and service industries. Some of the projects she has worked on include demand forecasting, planning and scheduling of manufacturing operations, pricing and promotion optimization, network planning and designing, simulation of operations, inventory optimization. Before joining E2E, Prerana worked with General Motors as Industrial Engineer and in a startup consulting firm as Management Consultant. She likes coding in Python, R, and VBA and develop mathematical models using Cplex, Gurobi etc.

Prerana holds a Masters in Operation Research and Information Engineering from Cornell University, and a Bachelors in Production Engineering from College of Engineering Pune, India.