E2E Careers

Where can you simultaneously experience life in a traditional consulting firm, in a start-up, and in a (data) science lab?  At End-to-End Analytics.

The people who thrive at E2E embrace all three.

At E2E you’ll get the full consulting experience working with everyone from day-to-day decision-makers and action-takers to C-Level executives.  You’ll work on a broad range of strategic and tactical problems – almost always data-driven at their core.

This all happens, though, in a fast-paced, skunkworks-type environment where our clients ask us to bring new, innovative approaches to their problems.  At the same time we ask ourselves how best to run our fast-growing company on a constantly-evolving playing field.

And occasionally it just takes a little quiet time to work out an entirely new approach to a problem, knowing that someday, someone will pay handsomely to use that fresh idea to solve their problem.

Careers are built on having good choices along the way. At E2E we know that the more choices we create for the members of our team, the more satisfied they will be.

Our best employees demonstrate a blend of analytics skill, technological excellence, and strong business acumen.  We aim to create opportunities that allow team members to go deep on any of these three dimensions.  We also allow them to find a unique blend of the three that allows them to deliver the innovative solutions their clients need.

Experience also grows with the diversity of clients we get to work with – and our client list is top-notch.  We work with companies you know and respect in markets as diverse as consumer electronics, food & beverage, and fashion.  And we do plenty of interesting work in other markets like automotive, financial services, high tech, and industrial products.

There are no fixed career paths at E2E and no relative rankings for promotion. When we take care of the team, everything else takes care of itself.

They say culture eats strategy for breakfast.  Well, we believe it!  So we’ve made some unconventional decisions that support our cultural values.  In particular, we enable a degree of employee choice that extends beyond lip service to the idea of work-life balance.  Our team members have substantial control over their hours and their location.

Our compensation model empowers the individual to right-size their contributions relative to their financial and personal aspirations. We have found that this generates an unbelievable level of commitment to the team.

We take pride in our ridiculously low attrition rates, as well as participation in company events from local weekly happy hours to all-hands off-site meetings.  But most importantly, we take pride in the way people jump in to help when someone asks for a hand with a problem.