Garrett Dowdy

Kevin Olivier

Garrett Dowdy is a technical consultant with experience using mathematical programming to solve practical scheduling and assignment problems.  Historically, he has worked on these problems in the context of academic administration, volunteer-run homeless shelters, and student housing.  Now, he is eager to apply what he’s learned from these experiences to problems in the business world.

Garrett has a PhD in Chemical Engineering and a minor in Math from MIT.  During his PhD, he published several first-author papers on applications of semidefinite optimization in chemical engineering.  Furthermore, he presented his work at several international conferences, once being invited as a keynote speaker.  Garrett feels that his rigorous mathematical background gives him an edge in confronting analytical and optimization problems.

Prior to MIT, Garrett earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Georgia Tech.  While at Georgia Tech, he participated in the Co-op Program, working for ExxonMobil.  He completed four separate work rotations in various parts of the oil business, including a downstream automation and optimization team.