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As consumers we tend to think of financial services in personal terms.  “What is my credit score?  What interest rate do I qualify for?”  But to a financial services firm – whether a traditional firm operating in traditional ways in traditional markets, or a fintech startup breaking new ground – the challenge is managing a portfolio and navigating the associated uncertainties and risks.  “How many of these ‘safe’ borrowers will actually default?”

The challenge of making good decisions means making sense of mountains of data.  What elements are relevant?  How do they influence my decisions?  How do I capitalize on what I know of my own customers?  How can I use other available data?  Increasingly, these questions can be answered using advanced analytical techniques.

End-to-End works with its clients in this market to address these sorts of problems:


Credit Risk

Credit Risk

Today’s lending environment presents lenders with significant challenges to growth, as well as new, untapped opportunities.  Overcoming these challenges and capitalizing on the opportunities requires a blend of analytic innovation and a rigorous understanding of the regulatory constraints.

Our team was at the forefront of architecting successful lending decision solutions that have withstood the scrutiny of being used in billions of business decisions – credit underwriting, prescreening, risk-based pricing, etc.

Our solutions span the entire customer lifecycle, different industries, the spectrum of credit quality, and consumer and small business lending.  Our expertise can help you:

  • Assess credit risk challenges and design, develop, and deploy credit risk solutions.

  • Build scalable credit origination, underwriting, and verification processes.

  • Develop loss estimation and loss forecasting models.

  • Conduct champion/challenger assessment and swap analysis.

  • Supervise model validation, recalibration, and analysis of tracking reports.


Fraud Risk

Fraud Risk

Effective fraud risk management is nuanced and requires expert knowledge to quickly capture rapidly evolving fraudulent behavior.  We engineer effective fraud solutions and processes, finding root causes by analyzing real cases and actual account and transaction data.  We also leverage diverse data resources and advanced learning technologies.

Our expertise in fraud risk can help you:

  • Assess fraud risk challenges, identify gaps and root causes, and propose solutions to close the gaps and enhance fraud detection features.

  • Design and develop solutions to address identity fraud, application fraud, account- level fraud, transaction-level fraud, authentication risk, and early fraud detection.

  • Develop fraud rules and criteria, risk policy, and strategy to improve fraud process automation.


Pricing and Strategy Optimization

Pricing & Strategy Optimization

Determining pricing, the optimal credit line or loan amount, and the most effective collection strategy are complex analytic decisions.  These challenges require successfully balancing a number of competing forces.

Our subject matter experts have invented innovative solutions in the decision optimization space.  Using this expertise companies can:

  • Evaluate existing pricing strategies to understand the true impact to business performance.

  • Develop and refine credit line management strategies using bank account transaction and credit bureau data.

  • Craft pricing solutions and processes for banking and lending products.

  • Define optimal collection recovery strategies to maximize returns.


Data Source Evaluation

Data Source Evaluation

In today’s world, data drives new opportunities and analytics propel business innovation.  You need experts who are well versed in data sources and analytics to assist you in extracting the greatest value from a complex data landscape.

We have pioneered the utilization of alternative data in broad-based credit scores with the FICO Expansion Score and have expert knowledge in incorporating alternative data throughout the entire lending process.  With our unparalleled expertise in consumer credit data, transaction data, Masterfile data, and non-traditional credit data, we can:

  • Provide an analytic roadmap and business case for incorporating new data sources and maximizing use of your existing data sources.

  • Provide counsel on data vendor relationship management.

  • Assess and connect to new data sources, extract new features, and develop new data attributes.


Marketing Analytics

Marketing Analytics

Successful marketing is more than acquiring customers.  It requires a focused approach to identifying the right new customers, increasing customer retention, and optimizing customer lifetime value.

Architecting a thoughtful and impactful solution tailored to your unique operating environment is the foundation to our approach.  We are committed to extracting the greatest value from data by drawing correlations, measuring attribution and interactions, and making predictions.  Our expertise linking the most effective data sources and utilizing cutting-edge analytic technology injects innovation into your marketing capabilities.

Partnering with us, we can help you:

  • Assess marketing challenges and deploy analytical solutions to ensure better informed marketing decisions through both digital and traditional channels.

  • Conduct data analysis at the transaction, account, consumer, and/or demographic level to support marketing activity.

  • Monitor transaction and account behavior to assess the effect of marketing efforts, to enhance product marketing, and to identify promising cohorts for promotion, targeting and cross selling.

  • Create frameworks and solutions for conversions, traffic, acquisition cost, and revenue forecasting.


Data Analytics Products Innovation

Data Analytics Products Innovation

We have been at the forefront of analytic innovation moving the financial services industry forward.  These innovations have enabled businesses to thrive by entering new territories, servicing new customer bases, and offering new products.

Our body of work includes the FICO Score, FICO Expansion Score, lending decisioning engines, and credit, fraud, acquisition, and digital targeting solutions.  We bring that same rigor and know-how to help our business partners pursue innovation, connect data with new possibilities, design game-changing new products, expand business operations, and disrupt the world of business.

Our expertise can help you:

  • Assess your data assets and business landscape to identify opportunities for new analytic concepts and solutions.

  • Develop solution prototypes, oversee final design and implementation, and deploy the solutions.

  • Provide analytics to support new product and service development.


Regulatory and Compliance

Regulatory & Compliance

We have in-depth experience interacting with regulatory agencies on the most scrutinized credit product in the industry.  Our experts have a proven track record establishing and maintaining best practices in model governance and compliance.  Our team can:

  • Provide expert counsel on how analytic solutions relate with applicable regulations such as FCRA, ECOA, TILA, CARD Act, OFAC, BSA, and AML.

  • Help interact with and address the concerns of federal and state regulators and auditors.

  • Conduct model validation, methodological review, examination of model inputs, regulatory and governance review, stress testing, and process and controls documentation review.

  • Audit model development processes to assist with compliance with model risk management requirements, spanning the entire range of bank operations.

  • Assess, develop, and deploy probability of default models, loss given default models, exposure at default models, allowance for loan and lease loss models, etc., for Basel and CCAR processes.


Knowledge Transfer and Talent Development

Knowledge Transfer & Talent Development

Knowledge empowers business.  We can partner with you to bring industry expertise to your team to broaden their perspectives and facilitate higher performance.

Our subject matter experts have conducted numerous training sessions for lenders, payment providers, regulatory agencies, and consumer advocacy groups.  We can customize training sessions to help your staff:

  • Capitalize on our expert view and know-how to provide impactful insights to your business.
  • Explore specialized topics in data and analytics for the credit, fraud, marketing, and payment industries tailored to your specific business objectives.