Senior Analyst - Consultant

Job Number: CSA1 (must reference Job Number in application)

Multiple positions available for this job

Work Site: Palo Alto, CA

Job Duties: Provide management consulting services to corporate clients to assist them in analyzing their existing structures and needs in the areas of supply chain strategy and network design, capacity planning, inventory optimization, forecasting and planning, supply chain risk management, support materials and returns handling, manufacturing and distribution operations, and pricing. Responsible for performing quantitative analysis and developing models and tools for customer projects.  Contribute to the problem solving in customer projects by addressing specific business issues/challenges and recommending an appropriate solution; create project presentations and documentation material; contribute to the creation of new intellectual property for the company (e.g. marketing materials, papers, articles, patents, etc.); strengthen the portfolio of tools and models used by the company by developing new functionality and modules, improving the performance and reliability of existing tools, testing new versions/applications; and perform assigned project and administrative tasks to improve project management and company’s overall efficiency.

Job Requirements: 48 months of related experience & Master’s in Business Administration, Management Science, Operations Research or related.

Education or background experience to include: 1) Knowledge of operations research methods, supply chain and business process problem-solving through quantitative analysis, optimization and modeling; 2) Project management; 3) Programming (Visual Basic, Python, or .NET); 4) Statistical knowledge and package proficiency (R, Stata, or similar.); 5) Business strategy planning; and 6) Business strategy and finance. *In lieu of Master’s degree and four years of experience, Employer will accept a PhD and one year of experience.

End-to-End Analytics, LLC. Palo Alto, CA, Apply:

Must reference Job Number: CSA1

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